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When worn regularly, gold gemstone rings are bound to lose some of their luster.  This is mostly due to the buildup of things like lotions, oils, etc.  While a trusted jeweler can help shine your ring up, here’s an excellent (and easy!) way to clean your rings at home.  This method is gentle as well, so it works for rings with enamel and colorful gemstones, though particularly delicate jewels (opals, pearls, etc.) may need the help of a pro.  


Gold ring cleaning supplies: glass bowl, dawn dish soap, and a toothbrush



You’ll need:

-A glass bowl or cup

-Liquid dish soap (I like Dawn)

-A toothbrush

-Water that’s hot from the tap (not boiling)





Imagine you have a dirty dish that’s been left out overnight.  What do you do?  Well, you start by soaking it in warm soapy water.  The exact same principle applies to your jewelry.  First, put your ring in a small glass bowl or cup.  Then, add a few squirts of dish soap (Dawn works particularly well).  Use water that’s hot from the tap (not boiling water) to fill the bowl up.  Now let the ring sit for about 10 minutes.   

Soaking a ring in hot soapy water to clean the ring



Scrubbing a gold ring gently with a toothbrush and soapy water to remove clean the ring



Next, let’s give the ring a gentle but thorough scrub with a toothbrush!  You’ll want to give every part of the ring a once over, paying special attention to the area behind the gem(s)–this is where a lot of debris can build up, preventing the stone from sparkling to the max. If it’s been a long time between cleanings, you might want to put the ring back in the water for a few more minutes, then give it a second scrub.    








Rinsing a gold ring in clean water after cleaning it in soapy water



Now your ring is sparkling clean!  Remove it from the soapy water, and carefully give it a good rinse in clean water (make sure the drain is blocked so you don’t accidentally drop it in), and either allow the ring to air dry, or gently dab it with a cotton towel.  Repeat this process any time you want–I’d recommend at least once a quarter.








Have a look at the before and after of this ring below.  What an incredible difference! 

Before and after of a ring that has been cleaned in warm soapy water



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