FAQs – Holly Hague Design


How do I determine my ring size? 

The best way to find out your ring size is by going to your local jeweler, where they will determine your size free of charge.  You can also order an inexpensive ring sizer online--I recommend the metal ring sizers that come as a set on a loop.  


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I’m happy to offer payment plans on non sale items!  All payment plans begin with a 30% down payment on the total price of your piece. 10% of the total price of the piece is non refundable.  We can then split the remaining balance up into monthly payments around the 15th of each month, with up to 4 months to pay your remaining balance.  You can have up to 2 items on payment plans at any given time.  If you miss a payment, there will be a 30 day grace period, then the piece will be released back into inventory, and any payments above the 10% of the item price will be refunded.  If you are ordering a made to order or custom piece, payment must be received in full before production begins. Please email me at holly@hollyhaguedesign.com to start the process!   


Do you offer customization or design work?

All of my past enamel and gemstone designs are available to be customized with gemstones and enamel colors of your choice.  Check my Instagram feed to see a complete gallery of past designs.  I may at times be able to accommodate custom design projects.  If you are interested in creating a design that is different from what you see in my online store or Instagram feed, please contact me, and I will give you a quote if the project is feasible.  I will only create pieces and new designs in my style of work.

Can you work with my gem?

I am happy to consider working with customer stones, email me at holly@hollyhaguedesign.com to start the process.  To be approved, a gem must reach certain durability and quality standards, as well as being the right shape and size for one of my settings.  Please be advised that, due to my insurance policy, the work will be carried out at the customers risk.  I take the utmost care with all my gems, but even under ideal circumstances stones may be damaged. 

I generally will not work with customer melee (gems under 2mm) unless they have already been removed from their old setting and measured.