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Holly's Story




Since I was a child growing up in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, I’ve been absorbed in the natural world. I was lucky to live on land that bordered a national forest, and as a free range child, I endlessly explored my environment, climbing trees, sleeping under starry skies, and searching for bird feathers and pretty rocks.  Making jewelry for my friends and family seemed a natural extension of my curiosity, my desire to get up close to things and see their beauty.  


As time passed, my gaze shifted upwards to the incredible night skies of the desert southwest and the mysteries of the cosmos.  I studied Astrophysics at the University of New Mexico, receiving my bachelors degree in 2004.  It was intriguing and challenging, and I balanced the analytic side of my studies by taking metalsmithing and photography classes, ultimately earning a minor in Art Studio.  I continued making jewelry as often as I could, knowing deep down that it was important to me.    


It wasn’t until 2011, after teaching high school mathematics and computer animation for 5 years, that I decided to start making jewelry for a living. I created my first line with tango dancers in mind. I love dancing, so this enabled me to sell at tango festivals all over the country and enjoy my hobby while learning the ins and outs of my new profession.


In a reflective period during the winter solstice of 2017, I realized that I was ready to begin creating fine jewelry.  I’m lucky to live in an area where I could take classes in lost wax casting, enameling, and stone setting, from incredible world class instructors.  


I developed my line of fine enamel and gemstone jewelry as an homage to the natural world and bold geometric forms. A southwest girl at heart, I express myself using vibrant color--something my Mother and Grandmother, both artists, appreciated as well.  Over time I have discovered that my unique combination of analytic and creative skills have put me in agreement with one customer who said, “You may have studied astrophysics, but you were born to make jewelry.”     


For me, wearing a handcrafted piece of gemstone jewelry is about embodying our deepest intentions, an outward expression of our inner hopes and dreams.  When you buy one of my pieces, I hope you will consider spending a little time thinking about what you’d like it to represent, and then use it as a touchstone throughout the day.