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Jewelry Care


To protect your rings from general wear and tear, take them off during any activity that is more likely to damage them.  This includes things like gardening, rock climbing, doing dishes, etc.  Residue build-up can affect the appearance of your gems and enamel, so also make sure to take your ring off when you’re applying lotion or using cooking sprays or other oils.  Never wear jewelry in pools or hot tubs--the chlorine can react with metals causing undesirable results.  Jewelry with soft gems such as pearls and opal require extra care against bumps and chemicals.    


When not in use, make sure to store your jewelry so that it’s individually protected.  This can be in the packaging it arrived in, or the cloth bag provided with your order.  The cloth bag is a great way to store your jewelry when travelling. If you use it to store more than one piece, make sure they don’t bump each other by wrapping each in tissue.  For rings, you may wish to leave a few ring dishes around the house where you commonly take it off--for instance, by the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.  


To restore your gemstone and enamel jewelry to its original luster, I recommend cleaning it about twice a year.  Start by adding some dish soap to a bowl of warm water.  Then soak your jewelry for 10 minutes.  Last, use a soft bristled toothbrush to give your piece a gentle but thorough scrub.  Make sure to get behind the gem--this is a spot that things like lotion tend to build up. If you are storing the jewelry, make sure it is completely dry first.  I am also happy to clean jewelry purchased from Holly Hague Design free of charge.     

Enamel Care

Enamel has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, providing gorgeous colorful accents that won’t fade over time.  My pieces have been designed to keep the enamel as safe as possible by recessing it and surrounding it with gold.  Still, with a Moh’s hardness of around 6 (similar to opal, and just under Quartz), extra care should be taken to make sure it does not get bumped or scratched.


I recommend insuring your jewelry for peace of mind to protect your jewelry against loss, damage, or theft.  Most homeowner or renters insurance companies can add jewelry to an existing policy.